Tips to Pick the Perfect Red Lip!

August 23, 2013

A great red lip is the perfect way to feel instantly glamorous! But picking the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone is really important. Choose something too bright for your complexion and you’ll look clownish, or if you pick something too dark, you might look like a vampire. Yes, Halloween might be just around the corner, but we’re pretty sure those aren’t the looks you’re going for when it comes to your regular makeup! So, because we love you, our devoted BABEs, we decided to give you a few tips and pointers to help you find that perfect shade of red–the one that makes people go “wow!” when you walk in the room! After all, isn’t that what being a BABE is all about?

1. Fair Skin Tones- since fair-skinned girls typically have a pink undertone, it’s best to opt for reds with a hint of orange or coral so they don’t overpower your ivory skin. We were referring to you when we made the vampire reference so steer clear of anything too dark!

2. Medium Skin Tones- if you have an olive or golden-based complexion, most colors will work for you. Lucky girl! But true reds, cranberry, and pink-reds look the best against your skin.

3. Dark Skin Tones- if you’re dark-skinned, blue-based reds and cooler shades look great against your skin. Think crimson, dark cherry, or deep blood red. Avoid brighter shades to prevent clown jokes!